Memoire Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Mémoire Limited Lifetime Warranty covers manufacturing defects in Mémoire bands and jewelry, including stone loss in any band or piece of jewelry set exclusively by Mémoire. Should a Mémoire setting fail due to a manufacturing defect, Mémoire will repair the setting at no charge. In the event that a stone originally set by Mémoire is lost, Mémoire will replace the lost stone with a stone of comparable value at no charge. It is required that your Mémoire band or jewelry under warranty be inspected annually by an Authorized Mémoire Retailer.

In the event your Mémoire jewelry needs repair, please visit an Authorized Mémoire Retailer to be sent to Mémoire for service. Upon inspection, Mémoire will determine if the repair is covered under warranty or if not, will advise on the cost of the repair.

The warranty does not cover the loss of any stones set by anyone other than Mémoire, nor does it cover setting failures or losses caused by: repairs or service performed by anyone other than Mémoire, sizing performed by anyone other than Mémoire, over-polishing, abuse, applying force or heat, any structural manipulation, tampering, alteration or modification. This warranty does not cover lost earring backs. This warranty does not cover broken chains on necklaces or bracelets. Loss and theft are not covered by this warranty. Mémoire reserves the right to inspect your jewelry regarding any of the above types of acts or conduct. Should Mémoire discover that your jewelry setting failed due to any of the above acts or conduct, this warranty will be void at the discretion of Mémoire. In addition, Mémoire jewelry is identifiable by a stamp or a serial number. If a stamp or serial number is not visible, it will be determined to be an unauthorized copy and will not be covered by warranty.

Mémoire is not responsible for shipping costs, or loss or damage of the jewelry while it is in transit to or from Mémoire. Mémoire makes no warranties, express or implied, other than the limited written warranty made herein, and specifically disclaims any warranty of merchantability.